Blake will build you a beautiful custom pool from scratch

Swimming has proven to be one of the best all-round exercises. A few laps in the privacy of your own pool and you're sure to feel invigorated. Why fight the traffic to go to the cottage when you can slip into the relaxing water of your own pool at any days end.

Installations Step 1
The most popular type of in ground pool in Canada is the vinyl lined swimming pool.
Insstallations Step 2
The walls are constructed of prefabricated steel panels braced and anchored with concrete.
Installations Step 3
The pool bottom is poured concrete and the deck can be a variety of materials (patterned concrete, tumbled stone, flagstone, Italian marble)
Installtions Step 4
The vinyl liner is then fabricated to custom fit the pool to make the pool water tight and beautify it as well with colour and pattern choices.

Blake offers customers an infinite selection of pool shapes and sizes to choose from or you can draw your own unique custom shape.

Blake will measure your yard, sit down with you and prepare a detailed drawing of the pool plan. Only when you, the customer, are satisfied with all aspects of the job, does construction begin.

Choose from a complete line of equipment options to customize and beautify your pool.

Blake takes pride in his work and strives to build and automate your pool for virtually maintenance free operation.

Blake will help you create a pool that is perfect for you and your family.