Modernize your pool and simplify its operation

In addition to new construction, Blake offers pool modernization services to beautify and operationally revive your existing pool. It makes sense to upgrade not only the aesthetics but the functionality of a sound pool structure increasing the usability and raising the equity of your home. Even a classic concrete pool benefits from renovation. Blake can easily update your swimming pool by:

  • Replacing your liner

    It is common for most pool liners to last 12 to 15 years and not uncommon for some liners to last much longer than this. There are many factors which can affect the lifespan of a liner including the product quality and the fit. That is why it is critical that the measurements taken are accurate when manufacturing a new liner. If the liner is made to incorrect specifications then the liner will not last as long as it should. Blake ensures exacting measurements are taken and only orders top quality liners from the leading manufacturers.

  • Replacing the coping

    Most early copings were PVC single track designed to accommodate the liner only, which with age became brittle and cracked, failing to hold the liner in place. Now we have much improved aluminum multi-track designs to accommodate lock-in winter covers and fibre-optic lighting systems with posi-lock strips to prevent the liner from popping out. The new copings allow for cantilever stone deck edges to be used bringing a rich classic look to your pool

  • Replacing the deck

    Typically most older pools simply had a plain concrete walk or even just patio stones around the pool. Blake can remove this unsightly mess and offer you the latest in patterned concrete, tumbled stone products and decking technologies to accentuate and beautify your pool paradise.

  • Adding features and automation

    Integrated spas, waterfalls, rock formations and deck jets can add a whole new dimension to your pool. Lighting, automatic vacuums, heating, chlorination and control systems have all undergone a technical revolution in the past few years and Blake can bring all this to your pool making it virtually maintenance free so you can relax and enjoy your backyard oasis.