Blake specializes in saltwater pools covers 2/3 of the planet & it's as natural as life itself

Convert your pool to saltwater and feel the soft, silky smooth swimming experience of a saltwater pool.

Enjoy sparkling clean water and never buy, mix or measure chlorine again

Advantages of a saltwater pool

  • crystal clear pool water
  • no dry itchy skin
  • no stinging red eyes
  • no irritated sinuses
  • no brittle hair
  • no bleaching of swimwear
  • no wrinkled toes and fingers

Convenience of a saltwater pool

  • Greatly reduced annual chemical costs
  • Provides 100% of pool sanitation
  • Works all season whether you are home or not
  • Works on all pool types - concrete, vinyl or fiberglass
  • Virtually maintenance free and self cleaning

How it works

As mild saline water (6000 ppm - which is about 1/6th the concentration of seawater and even less than human tears) passes through the chlorination cell, it is converted by electrolysis (using low DC voltage) into 100% sodium hypochlorite. In water this ionizes into hypochlorus acid (chlorine), a proven and universally recognized sterilizer that kills bacteria, protozoa and algae.

Watermaid system

Salt is not lost in the process of making chlorine, but only when water is lost through backwashing and overflow from swimmers. Therefore "topping up"the salt level may only be required once or twice a year.

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